Who is Really Choosing Your Thoughts?

How Patterns of Thinking are Created

Over our lifetime we develop patterns of thinking based on our experiences and the different people who role modeled behaviors to us. When we become adults, we begin to notice that there are certain patterns of thinking that seem to be creating more unhappiness than good in our lives. These are often thoughts that have to do with how we assess our own self-worth. Thoughts of self-judgment that hold us back from living the fullest life possible. You may be fully aware of the patterns of negative thinking that aren’t serving you but feel that you are unable to stop them. As a result you might be thinking that you’ve always been this way and that’s just the way it is.

You Are the Only One in Your Mind

I hope this statement comes as good news to you. The fact that you are the ONLY ONE in your mind thinking your thoughts means that you have ALL THE POWER within you to change your thoughts. It’s not so much that you just start thinking different thoughts, as much as it is REPLACING the thoughts that you DON’T want to have with the thoughts that you DO want to have.  It’s like an old cassette tape; you can’t erase it, but you CAN record over it.

Identifying the Patterns

When I am coaching a client, we work to identify the patterns of negative thinking that they are wanting to change.  Sometimes we can trace back to where the pattern started and sometimes not.  It isn’t always necessary to connect the pattern to something in our past to be able to change it.  We can move to acceptance that it exists now, and we can work to change it moving forward.

Choose your Thoughts

So, I ask you, what pattern of thinking do you desire to change?  Write it down, identify it on paper. Start with one thought in the pattern and rewrite the thought the way you would want to have it.  Now that you are aware of it you will catch yourself thinking it and you can replace it with the new thought you created each time it comes up.  Remember, you have all the power!

You got this…