Resolutions vs Intentions


Why we create resolutions

At New Years, we create ​resolutions​ to solve what we think is wrong with us.  I resolve to lose weight, find a partner, quit a bad habit, etc.

They come from wanting to “fix” yourself or situations. When you come from a place of “there is something wrong with me” you become trapped in this “not enough” cycle. As a result, you’re always seeking the quick fix, the solution, or the next big thing to help you do something more, differently, or better.

Why it doesn’t work

Usually, the resolutions are abandoned because they set you up to fail. You feel forced and pressured to achieve them, and then ditch them as soon as you start to veer off track.

What does work

Intentions​ are driven from within. They involve stating a desire and creating a clear mental picture of the direction you want your life to take based on how you feel in the present moment. They create a purpose, an aim, to direct your decision making. Instead of coming from a place of “what’s wrong with me and my life,” come from a place of “what’s missing for me and my life?”.  Examples:

  • “I want more love and passion in 2019?” Create an intention for being more loving and passionate.
  • “I want to take care of my health and reduce stress?” Create an intention for well being and peace.

You see, intentions have a very different vibration from resolutions. Intentions create a space for fundamental shifts in your perspective and focus. It alters your BE​ing, not just you’re doing. ​BE​ing is the context from which doing arises. Instead of fixing, you’re creating a space for releasing patterns that no longer serve you.

So, are you ready to create some amazing new ​intentions​ for the New Year?

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You got this…