Becoming JOY Program


A six month customized soul centered program, with personalized coaching, that will answer the question ~

“How do you, deeply in your soul, want your life to BE?”

This program is for you if you want support in going deeper into who you truly are and who you want to BE. To unleash yourself from old thinking patterns and come ALIVE to experiencing a more joyful, peaceful, loving life from the inside out.

This program will be customized exactly for you. We will co-design and co-create your personal Joy Lab. Your personal Joy Lab will be filled with heart opening insights and new ways of being, along with practices that support you in maintaining a joyful and peaceful life. This might mean:

~ Focusing on health and wellbeing
~ Bringing more joy and playfulness into your life and relationships
~ Creating a relationship / Completing a relationship
~ Slowing down feeling present
~ Getting more into action creatively (the “If only I could…” list)

The program will include:

~  1 Day Intensive to Launch

~ 14 One-hour Private Sessions (every other week)

If you have a sincere interest in wanting to do this deep level of inner work, please reach out to me via email so that we can set up a time to talk and see if it is a fit for you. I am happy to share the fee with you via email prior to setting up a call. 

Email me: