You ARE a Gift

You Are a Gift

The month of December often is a gift giving month.  This can be fun but also stressful.  Would you be willing to consider that YOU ARE A GIFT?

We’re all born with gifts. Then throughout our lifetime and through our experiences we further develop those gifts and create new gifts along the way. But sometimes we don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to share those unique gifts with others. This could be due to self-doubt, fear of criticism or rejection, and/or our own lack of self-acceptance and self-love.

Making a contribution

When we don’t express our gifts into the world, we deny the world the opportunity to benefit from them. We can all use our gifts as a contribution to the world.  We can use our gifts as a contribution to make a difference in someone else’s life.

What are your gifts?

Take a moment and think of 3 gifts that you have that you could use to make a contribution to someone else or even to the world. Write those down. Remind yourself each day of those special gifts. Here are three of my gifts that I will share with you:

  • Great Listener
  • Great Hugger
  • Great sense of humor (at least I think so… wink wink)

Shine you LIGHT

When you embrace your gifts and allow yourself to shine your light you will discover more opportunities to use them in making a difference not only in the lives of others but in your life as well.

We all have gifts let’s go out into the world and share them!

You got this…