“Working with Patricia helped me to discover how I was blocking my own happiness. My pattern of putting others first kept me feeling left out and unhappy. I was more committed to other’s happiness than my own. When I realized my patterns and made the shift to commit to “ME” first, my health, well-being and relationships began to transform for the better.”

-Rhonda C.

“Patricia Joy is one of the most talented coaches I have ever worked with. Her loving presence is palpable as she strategically and lovingly guided me through each session. While working with her, I discovered many things about myself and have had tremendous shifts in the way I view the world and people I interact with on a daily basis. This has translated into more happiness, ease, and grace in my life overall. If you get a chance to work with Patricia, I highly recommend taking it.”

-Michelle S.

“So much of my journey has been focused on why things happened and why I react so “knee-jerk” to them. Patricia helped me to re-write old stories and to live in the moment and be present. With her gentle guidance, she taught me how to focus on possibilities instead of limitations. She showed me how I can choose to love deeper, be kinder, laugh more, and stay available. She is an empathic healer, and it is undeniable.”

-Jan S.

“Working with Patricia completely altered my future and in many ways gave me a reason to continue choosing life. I met Patricia at one of the lowest points in my life (after attending an in-residence military trauma rehabilitation program) and she helped me work through healing the toughest parts of trauma and loss of a career. I felt a stronger and safer connection with Patricia than with most of the psychologists and trauma therapists I also worked with. I have never felt judged by her or that I have exhausted her willingness to listen and work through the same stuff (triggers of trauma) over and over again. We continue to revisit what feels like permanent scars of trauma and battle PTSD together. We also work on future goals and finding happiness in living in the moment. Patricia’s guidance has been so effective in helping me shift and refocus my perspective that I continue life-coaching sessions with her via Zoom after moving out of state.

Patricia helped me rediscover and step into the power within which gave me the confidence to attend significant life events such as weddings (my own included), compete in world-level sporting competitions, graduations, and reunions these past three years. I am forever thankful for the safe space that Patricia created and continues to hold so that I may continue to not only heal but also grow as a person. I am now striving towards unlimited happiness and becoming the best version of myself.”

-Brynn K