The Learning Lounge

Welcome to The Learning Lounge. As we navigate through the School of Life or, as I like to call it, Earth School, there is always so much to learn in support of creating a fuller more meaningful life. In the Lounge you will find thought provoking articles and periodic offerings of online classes for purchase that you can download and keep. Be sure to sign up to receive email announcements when new resources are added; sign up here. I invite you to stop by the lounge often, see what speaks to you and allow learning to be an ongoing way to support YOU in being the BEST YOU possible!

Mindful vs Mind-FULL

  What’s on your mind? Our thoughts dominate our entire lives. Our thoughts demonstrate how we feel about ourselves; how we feel about others. Some

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32 Days of Self-love

  What is Self-love? Self-love simply means to fully accept your true, natural self. It means, to embrace the unique being you are and fully

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You ARE a Gift

You Are a Gift The month of December often is a gift giving month.  This can be fun but also stressful.  Would you be willing

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What is BALANCE anyway?

  What is BALANCE? In a conversation with a client recently we were discussing the word “balance”. We hear this word often, suggesting that we

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