For Parents

I started working one on one with teens and young adults when my clients who were parents started asking if I would coach their kids too.

Here are some common problems that teens and young adults need help with:

  • Social anxiety

  • Worry, self-judgment, over thinking

  • Trouble focusing and follow through

  • Handling big emotions like anger, insecurity or frustration

  • Staying out of overwhelm

  • Communicating feelings

  • Loneliness / Depression

Sound familiar?  As you can see, their issues are not much different than those of adults. What is different is that their emotions are louder and their mood changes are faster AND their rapidly maturing bodies are on a wild roller coaster ride. They have not yet learned how to regulate these emotions or even realize that they have the ability within them to do so.

Please know that I understand how frustrating this can be for parents. I ran a parent support group for parents of teens for many years. I also ran an Al-Anon group for parents of adult children with addictions. And personally, I have raised two sons and five grandchildren and the “learning opportunities” have been abundant.

If you are struggling with your teen/young adult/adult please reach out here and we can talk about what’s possible.

We spent this past weekend with our daughter celebrating her 20th birthday. Her struggles, growth, and working with you came up several times in our conversations. It was clear that you’ve played a significant and positive role in our daughter’s journey, and we just wanted to thank you for that.”  – Parent