Mindful vs Mind-FULL

  What’s on your mind? Our thoughts dominate our entire lives. Our thoughts demonstrate how we feel about ourselves; how we feel about others. Some thoughts formed at a very early age define our belief system and have written the story of how we see the world. Certain thoughts will repeat over and over again, … Read more

32 Days of Self-love

  What is Self-love? Self-love simply means to fully accept your true, natural self. It means, to embrace the unique being you are and fully express the unique energy that represents the very core of your being and what you bring to the world. Self-love is showing respect for ourselves and our well-being. Self-love is … Read more

Resolutions vs Intentions

  Why we create resolutions At New Years, we create ​resolutions​ to solve what we think is wrong with us.  I resolve to lose weight, find a partner, quit a bad habit, etc. They come from wanting to “fix” yourself or situations. When you come from a place of “there is something wrong with me” … Read more

You ARE a Gift

You Are a Gift The month of December often is a gift giving month.  This can be fun but also stressful.  Would you be willing to consider that YOU ARE A GIFT? We’re all born with gifts. Then throughout our lifetime and through our experiences we further develop those gifts and create new gifts along … Read more

Stuffing is for Turkeys

  Often when we feel upset, we stuff our feelings. There are many reasons we might do this: • We don’t want to FEEL them. • We don’t want others to know that we are upset. • We might fear that if we act upset others will judge us. • We might judge ourselves for … Read more

What Face Are You Choosing?

How our faces change The thoughts that you are thinking today create the face you will have in the future. Next time you are out and about notice people’s facial expression. Their facial expressions are a physical representation of their thoughts. Do they look Happy? Angry? Sad? Worried? The thoughts and resulting emotions that they … Read more