32 Days of Self-love


What is Self-love?

Self-love simply means to fully accept your true, natural self. It means, to embrace the unique being you are and fully express the unique energy that represents the very core of your being and what you bring to the world. Self-love is showing respect for ourselves and our well-being. Self-love is taking responsibility for our happiness. Self-love is accepting and embracing all of the past, present, and future.

An Experiment in Self-love

Here’s an experiment that I would love for you to do. It’s called 32 DAYS OF LOVE. Find a box, it can be as simple or as fancy as you would like. Nothing bigger than a shoe box.  Now get a small note pad and pen.  Then every day for 32 days write on a piece of note paper something that you love about yourself.  It could be a quality that you love about yourself or something that you did that day that you are proud of.  Put the note in the box.

Then, on the 33rd day find a sacred time to sit down and read all the notes in the box.

The Results

So, here’s the thing… THIS IS YOU!  This is you affirming you, loving you, validating you!  Stopping and taking a little time each day to love yourself is the most powerful form of love, because it comes from within you, for you and only for you!

Spread the Love

Why not invite a friend, a significant other, a child, grandchild or other family member to do this along with you?  You can share the JOY of loving yourselves together!

Need some support?  Let’s have a (no fee) conversation, I would love to hear how your experiment went! Connect with Me!

You got this…